November 28 2021

NexGen © Flight Simulator
The product features are:

  • Use of standard protocols, such as tcp/ip, tcp/udp, ntp
  • Aircraft are model based.
  • Support of Mil-1153, and ARINC-429 with appropriate drivers and interface cards
  • Support of ARINC-410 Radio Heads, with a new custom interface.
  • Based on a true Client / Server Model
  • Defined and Stable API or Application Interface
  • Can be used as a systems simulator as well.
  • Runs in a real-time environment. Frame rates 100fps and above.
  • Fully Modular.
  • Supports Multiple Crew Stations (per aircraft).
  • Supports Multiple Aircraft via ethernet.
  • Very easy to add your own custom hardware. No more keyboard encoders!
  • Server runs on UNIX (Solaris)
  • NexGen is modular. (both with software and hardware)
  • The Out-the-Window server is a client to the main server.

Surplus Aircraft Parts
We have a large selection of both militay and commercial parts. Most parts are in 'New Surplus' condition.
Please click on the icon to go to our catalog.

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